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Cloud Native London February 2019 Roundup

Cloud Native London February

The room was buzzing as we kicked off our February Cloud Native London meetup, featuring three great speakers.

Asfand Qazi, me, Ecaterina Gamanji and Jakub Borys (From left to right: Asfand Qazi, me, Ecaterina Gamanji and Jakub Borys)

Thanks to our sponsors StorageOS, Tecknuovo, Contino, Pusher, Humio and Upcloud.

First up was a talk on Horizontal pod autoscaler (HPA) and vertical pod autoscaler (VPA), followed by developing in the cloud, and finally getting more out of the modern cloud by letting someone else look after your servers.

Ecaterina Gamanji

Ecaterina Gamanji from Condé Nast International explained about “HPA and VPA: scale your K8s cluster on any metrics”, focusing on the following topics:

Jakub Borys

Following that, Jakub Borys from discussed “Development in the Cloud”, mentioning that:

Other resources mentioned in the talk: Article GitHub repo

Asfand Qazi

Finally Asfand Qazi from Cloudership talked about “How you can get more out of the modern cloud by letting someone else look after your servers”. His takeaways were that:

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Cloud Native London March

The next meetup is on Wednesday 6th March, and our speakers include folks from Contino, Controlplane, and Sardina Systems. RSVP and save the date now! Don’t forget you’ll need to sign up with the venue as we get closer to the date.

See you there!

Cheryl (@oicheryl)