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Sponsor Cloud Native London

You’re interested in sponsoring the ​Cloud Native London meetup​? Awesome! It’s a great way to support the Kubernetes and cloud native community, and increase awareness.

Each event has 200-300 attendees across in-person events, YouTube and Twitch.

Benefits (Download as PDF)

Each sponsor contributes £700 (no VAT) per event.

Frequently asked questions

Who is the audience at Cloud Native London?

Can we host an event at our office?

If your office can host 50-100 and you can commit to hosting on the first Wednesday of every month, email

Can we run an event on a specific day?

We plan events 6-12 months ahead, so unfortunately we can’t add extra events to the schedule.

Are we listed as the pizza / beer sponsor?

As pizza and beer are more than any individual contribution, we order catering ourselves and thank all sponsors equally.

Can we bring swag and a banner?

You can display a banner inside the room, just bring it on the evening. For the address for shipping swag or requesting a table, email

Can we sponsor as a recruitment agency?

Yes! We work with one recruitment agency at a time and currently are open to recruitment sponsorship.

Can we share our event with your group?

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What if I have further questions?