Cheryl Hung

Partner with Cheryl

I partner with companies in a personal capacity, for example:

  1. Keynote speaker, panelist, host for tech events
  2. Advisor on open source strategy and developer-led growth
  3. Connecting VCs (venture capital) and startups, particularly deep tech in Europe
  4. Consultant on technical community building and developer advocacy

Christoph Buchli, Founder and CTO of Helio > Cheryl joined [Helio]('s advisory board in early 2020 to support us with developer relations, community building and open source strategy. Ever since, we've had regular exchange and wouldn't want to miss it ever again! > >We found her expertise and knowledge in these fields to be incredible. Having the opportunity to get her advice and input has proven very valuable to us and is continuing to save us a lot of pain and time. > >Of course, as startup life is, we found ourselves in situations and times where we had to do what's most urgent or most important, and this sometimes has meant that we didn't get to do our homework on these specific topics. The very structured way of working together and Cheryl's unique focus on the long-term sustainability and success of our startup and our partnership has proven to be a great way of ensuring a valuable exchange, way beyond these fixed topics! > >Cheryl's great experience as a leader and organiser and her skilful eye for the right questions at the right time made us feel like she was truly a part of our team and working on driving us forward, both personally as well as a company. And her network is incredible, on every topic we could come up with, she knows the perfect people to help us out. > >Overall, working with Cheryl is very pleasant and enjoyable and she makes absolutely sure to be conscious about everyones very limited time, so we always got the most out of our sessions with her. - [Christoph Buchli](, Founder and CTO of [Helio](, March 2021