Cheryl Hung

Cloud Native London, July 2017 - Red Hat and Katacoda

The inaugural Cloud Native London meetup went smoothly, with myself as host and Michael Hausenblas and Ben Hall speaking.

There was great positive feedback about:

  • My intro on why I founded the group and the four topics I want to hear about.
  • “What does Cloud Native mean (to you?)” - Michael’s discussion on the philosophy of Cloud Native.
  • “The challenges of becoming cloud-native” - Ben’s lightning demos on how to work with Kubernetes, Istio, Prometheus and more.
  • The sliders, pastries and sandwiches. I enjoy interesting food, so it was never going to be just pizza!

My slides are available here:

Download PDF

Thanks to our sponsors, StorageOS, Sainsbury’s, the CNCF and Tecknuovo, plus all the work that happened in the background to make it happen - reception, food prep and delivery, the AV crew, name tags, serving staff and cleaners.

Looking forward to the next event in August!

Cloud Native London