Cheryl Hung

The Great Container Management Debate

This was a fun event held in London on Feb 8, 2018, with myself moderating an evening debate between four teams. Each team consisted of one advocate and one customer.

The Great Container Management Debate

Moderators: Cheryl Hung, StorageOS; James Betteley, Contino

KUBERNETES: Luke Bond, Home Office; Ben Hall, Founder of Katacoda

MESOSPHERE: Darren Davison, Technical Authority for Capita Employee Benefits; Joerg Schad, Technical Lead Community Projects Mesosphere Inc

HASHICORP NOMAD: Nic Jackson, HashiCorp Engineer; James Rasell, Principal Systems Engineer, Elsevier

RANCHER: Shannon Williams, Rancher Co-Founder; Tom Bamford, Platform Engineering Lead, Buildit@Wipro Digital

The Great Container Management Debate

I greatly enjoyed hearing the teams discuss the complexity, tooling, integration with existing systems, security, diagnostics and upgrading of their chosen container management platforms.

The surprise winner of the audience vote was Rancher, given the visibility and community traction of Kubernetes. However Shannon Williams did a excellent job sharing the motivations and vision behind Rancher, which won the audience over.

The Great Container Management Debate

Congratulations to all the teams, and thanks to the organizers and sponsors!