Cheryl Hung

Cloud Native London, October 2018 - Jetstack, WSO2 and Exelerys

Despite a change of venue, our loyal audience gathered to hear three knowledgeable speakers discuss containers and cloud native. They were ably hosted by Matt Saunders from London DevOps - thanks Matt!

As always, thanks to our sponsors StorageOS, Tecknuovo, Contino, and Pusher.

First up was a discussion on Auditing with eBPF, followed by an explanation of a Cloud Native programming language called Ballerina, and wrapping up with an advanced analysis of container security.

Luke Addison

Luke Addison from Jetstack told us about eBPF (extended Berkeley Packet Filter), showing how:

  • eBPF provides a powerful user space API for running programs in kernel space
  • eBPF programs can be attached to certain code paths in the Linux kernel so that they are triggered when that code path is traversed
  • Running an eBPF program using a DaemonSet on a Kubernetes cluster can be used to aggregate kernel metrics

Paul Fremantle

Following that, Paul Fremantle from WSO2 gave a live demo of Ballerina, a Cloud Native Programming Language. His takeaways were that:

  • There is an explosion of programmable endpoints happening, and many programmers are now building applications that rely on multiple network endpoints, whether they are APIs, microservices, cloud services or SaaS apps. Ballerina is a new language designed to help code the glue between such services.

  • Ballerina takes its inspiration from sequence diagrams and every program can be represented as a sequence diagram. The concurrency model and workers are based on the ideas of independent communicating parties.

  • Ballerina is fully open source and being developed in Github. There is an open package management model and lots of ways to extend the language - PRs are welcome!

Jesus Escolar

Finally, Jesus Escolar from Exelerys gave an advanced analysis of container security:

  • Security for containers is in an heterogenous unharmonized situation. Find and Use the right tools for your business.

  • DevSecOps and SecDevOps are now a critical moving part of the framework for container adoption. Integrate them properly.

  • The legacy security issues are now the mainstream issues when securing containers. Dust old security books.

Cloud Native London November

The next meetup is on Wednesday 7 November, and joining us are some great speakers from DeepMind Health, Grafana Labs and Neo Technology. RSVP and save the date now!

Have a great weekend!

Cheryl (@oicheryl)