Cheryl Hung

Cloud Native London, November 2018 - DeepMind Health, Grafana Labs and Neo4j

The venue was packed out for Cloud Native London’s November meetup, ably hosted by Dominique Top from Docker London, and featuring three fascinating talks.

As always, thanks to our sponsors StorageOS, Tecknuovo, Contino, Pusher, and Opsview. Thanks also to Entrepreneur First, who once again hosted us at their venue.

First up we heard about managing deployments with Kapitan followed by Cortex and horizontally scalable, highly available Prometheus monitoring, and wrapping up with a presentation of experiences with Kubernetes operators.

Alessandro De Maria

Alessandro De Maria from DeepMind Health gave a talk on Deployments with Kapitan, explaining that:

  • Kapitan is an open source tool that allows to manage every aspect of deployments to Kubernetes or Terraform.
  • Kapitan proposes an inventory that acts as a single source of truth for all your deployments. The inventory is used to feed two template engines, jsonnet (for json/yaml) and Jinja (for everything else). A simple but powerful Secrets management features completes the picture.
  • Kapitan allows to create developers friendly “gitops” workflow giving them visibility on what changes before the code is applied to Kubernetes, which allows to evaluate the impact of a change over all environments at once.

Tom Wilkie

Following that, Tom Wilkie from Grafana Labs presented Cortex: Horizontally Scalable, Highly Available Prometheus Monitoring, and his takeaways were that:

  • Cortex is highly available, horizontally scalable Prometheus.
  • Cortex is a CNCF sandbox project.
  • Cortex is awesome!

See his slides here

Andrew Jefferson

Finally, Andrew Jefferson from Neo4j told us about creating Kubernetes operators for fun and profit, and in his experience:

  • Kubernetes operators are versatile.
  • Writing an operator is quick and easy if you make use of existing Kubernetes features and resources.
  • Testing operators is a challenge but worthwhile if you’re making a complex operator.

Cloud Native London December

The next meetup is on Wednesday 12 December, and joining us are some great speakers from Paybase, Double Negative, and Google. Note that we’ll be hosted by Monzo for our last meetup of 2018. RSVP and save the date now!

See you soon!

Cheryl (@oicheryl)