Cheryl Hung

Open Source for First Timers - TECH(K)NOW Day, London

These are my slides from a talk I gave at TECH(K)NOW Day London 2019.


Open source for first timers

If you’ve heard about open source and want to get involved, what should you do? Where do you go? Who do you talk to?

Diversity in open source is even worse than in tech overall. In 2017, Wired reported that 22.6% of professional programmers are female, but only 5% of Github users are female. Beyond the consequences for open source projects themselves, open source contributions are increasingly important to landing jobs.

Using Kubernetes as an example of a hugely successful open source project and community, Cheryl will walk you through different ways to contribute, how to persuade your boss to give you time to work on open source, and what to watch out for.