Cheryl Hung

Cloud Native London, April 2019 - Component Soft and the University of Bristol

We were inundated for our April Cloud Native London meetup - with a bigger and more diverse crowd than we’ve ever had before! We also had three fantastic speakers.

First up as always, thanks to our sponsors Tecknuovo, Contino, Pusher, Humio, SUSE and Component Soft

First was a talk on connecting your microservices with Istio, then running HPC Workloads via Jupyter.

Laszlo Budai

Laszlo Budai from Component Soft gave a talk about “Istio – connect your microservices in a secure way”, explaining that:

  • Component Soft is an IT training and consulting company focusing on open source cloud and cloud native technologies and offering Docker, Kubernetes and Istio trainings in London, Berlin, Budapest as well as in live online and private class format in whole Europe.
  • Istio (, an open source service mesh, transparently integrates into your #CloudNative application and will provide you a bunch of nice features like intelligent routing, end-to-end authentication, access control, observability etc. You can learn more about it at
  • Is securing service-to-service communication of your #CloudNative application a headache for you? Not anymore! In my talk at #CloudNativeLon I have demonstrated how Istio ( provides a secure communication channel between your microservices. Want to know more? Check this out:

Christopher Woods

Following that, Dr Christoper Woods from Bristol University discussed “Running HPC Workloads via Jupyter using Kubernetes and Fn serverless functions”, mentioning that:

  • Jupyter notebooks provide a great interface for researchers to build and share reproducible research computing and data analysis experiments.
  • Jupyter can run on Kubernetes, but mechanisms are needed to allow compute or data analysis triggered in a notebook to burst out onto dedicated HPC resources.
  • Fn is an open source serverless framework that can be used to wrap-up simulations and analyses into triggerable, autoscaling functions.

Cloud Native London May

The next meetup is on Wednesday 1st May, and joining us are speakers from Microsoft, ForgeRock and Finimize. RSVP and save the date now! We’ll be back at Monzo for the May meetup.

See you next month!

Cheryl (@oicheryl)