Cheryl Hung

Cloud Native London, June 2019: Pivotal, mnemonic and Alex Tasioulis

We packed out the room at Codenode, with 300 attendees at the June 2019 Cloud Native London Meetup!

As always, thanks to our sponsors Tecknuovo, Contino, Pusher, Humio, SUSE, and Twistlock for making this all possible!

First was a recap of KubeCon CloudNativeCon, for anyone who wasn’t able to be there, then we were into the talks for the evening with a discussion on Creating a DevOps culture, then Securing microservices in a serverless world, wrapping up with a talk on Observability for microservices.

Josh Michielsen

Kicking off the evening, Josh Michielsen gave us a recap of the events of KubeCon Europe 2019, in Barcelona. All the talks from KubeCon are available on the CNCF playlist on Youtube, so check that out!

Michael Coté

Following that, Michael Coté from Pivotal shared his experiences with “Creating a DevOps culture, whatever that means”, explaining that:

Andreas Claesson

Next up was Andreas Claesson from mnemonic, discussing “Securing microservices in a serverless world”, mentioning that:

Alex Tasioulis

Finally Alex Tasioulis talked about “Observability for microservices: practical advice”. His takeaways were that:

Cloud Native London July

The next meetup is on Wednesday 3rd July, and joining us are speakers from Suade, SUSE, and Dynatrace. RSVP and save the date now! Don’t forget to sign up directly with CodeNode as we get closer to the date!

See you next month!

Cheryl (@oicheryl)