Cheryl Hung

Cloud Native London October 2019 - WSO2, Nationwide Building Society and Intel

Even with pouring rain, Cloud Native London bravely gathered this week to learn, enjoy and mingle. Catch up on the talks and videos here!

Our wonderful speakers for the evening were Paul Fremantle from WSO2, Marc Cluet from Nationwide Building Society, and Anurag Ranjan from Intel. Thanks also to our sponsors Tecknuovo, Contino, Pusher, Humio, WSO2, Intel and xMatters.

Paul Fremantle

First up, Paul described how to Build, run and manage composite apps on Kubernetes with Cellery.

  • There are significant challenges in managing sets of microservices as they grow beyond a handful. There is a strong need for solutions that help configure and manage aggregates of microservices in Kubernetes.
  • Code provides some significant benefits over YAML for configuring Kubernetes and Service Mesh deployment - simpler, easier to read, type validation and compilation, and less is more - half the lines of code means fewer mistakes.
  • Having immutable units that have a life through development, build, test, deployment, runtime, monitoring brings significant benefits in consistency, DevOps and human factors, such as team organisation.

Marc Cluet

Next up, Marc Cluet gave an entertaining talk on Your Kernel and You - How cgroups make containers possible.

  • Cgroups build on top of namespaces
  • Cgroups v1 still most used, can be composable
  • Cgroups v2 just released 3 years ago, still maturing

Anurag Ranjan

Anurag rounded off the evening with Building an open source Cloud-native Edge Computing infrastructure with the OpenNESS Toolkit for 5G and Industry 4.0.

  • OpenNESS is an open-source toolkit for creating cloud native edge infrastructure and application services for 5G and Industry 4.0
  • Open APIs and the source code availability streamlines the platform and application development efforts across the open-source ecosystem
  • Links to other toolkits helps create a richer platform at commoditized hardware and software costs.


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Cloud Native London November

The next meetup is on Monday 4th November, when we’ll welcome speakers from StorageOS, Oracle and Pusher. RSVP and save the date now!

See you next month!

Cheryl (@oicheryl)