Cheryl Hung

Addressing Day 2 data management challenges - Cloud Native Storage Day

During this panel, I discuss operational challenges of cloud native storage at Cloud Native Storage Day, a Day Zero event at KubeCon CloudNativeCon San Diego.

The three panellists are

  • Michael Courcy, Sophra Steria
  • Anand Ozarkar, Equinix
  • Vybava Ramadoss, Microsoft

Questions include:

  • What is your use case for cloud native storage and how do you manage stateful apps?
  • What are some of the day 2 challenges that you encountered?
  • Sample challenges 1: backups and data movement
  • Sample challenges 2: observability, debugging and monitoring
  • Sample challenges 3: lifecyle of application - updates & upgrades
  • Do operators or helm charts help with the stateful application lifecycle?
  • What other processes or tools did you find helpful in managing day 2 challenges?
  • Looking forward, what challenges do you anticipate in future e.g. scaling applications, multi-cloud