Cheryl Hung

Cloud Native London February 2020: Servian, Agyla, and Contino

For our February 2020 meetup, Cloud Native London unveiled the details of the Kubernetes Community Days London 2020, then hosted three fantastic speakers: Byron Allen from Servian, Ines Cheikhrouhou from Agyla, and Jai Campbell from Contino. Catch up on their takeaways below.

Thanks also to our sponsors Tecknuovo, Contino, Pusher, Humio, xMatters, SUSE, D2iQ and Palo Alto Networks.

Kubernetes Community Days London

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Byron Allen

First up, Byron Allen from Servian told us about The Cheesy Analogy of MLflow and Kubeflow (starting at 06:15). His takeaways are:

  • ML Engineers, Data Engineers and DevOps need to consider the ‘Production ML’ value chain or equivalent when selecting MLOps tools and figuring out how to work together.
  • MLFlow is great as it is lightweight, versatile and easy to use with the simple pattern Byron explained, and it scales well to production.
  • Kubeflow, also an open-source favorite, is more complex and offers a powerful system for practitioners who are Kubernetes capable and ready to deploy ML models ‘in anger’.

Ines Cheikhrouhou

Next up, Ines Cheikhrouhou from Agyla described Cloud native disaster recovery in Cloud (starting at 42:07). She concluded that:

  • There a lot of things to look after before planning for disaster recovery such as how your application is deployed and your architecture. (containers)
  • Planning steps to follow such as organizing for DR and deciding on some keys. (communication, backup plan, RPO and RTO)
  • How to start with the Pilot light and move to the full picture with continued tests and improvements.

Jai Campbell

Finally, Jai Campbell from Contino rounded off our evening with My Journey into Site Reliability Engineering (starting 1:21:35). He left us with these takeaways from his recent experiences drawn from his professional journey into the world of site reliability engineering:

  • A description of the SRE core principles moving onto new skills that needed to be acquired to make the transition from a sysadmin to a site reliability engineer.
  • The challenges and successes that came with making the choice to move 100% into Cloud and SRE and how the tools of the CNCF ecosystem became my best friends.
  • Advice and information on where to start your own personal journey into SRE with links to subject matter books, an SRE curated Github repository and an open invitation to join a London based SRE community.

Cloud Native London March

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See you next month!

Cheryl (@oicheryl)