Cheryl Hung

My grandfather and uncle pass away within the same week due to Covid-19

Updated 6 April: My Uncle has also passed away. See below for more.

My grandfather, Jack Pang, has passed away due to Covid-19. My family are devastated and I will be off work for a few days.

My 公公 or maternal grandfather was born in Guangdong province in southern China and moved to Hong Kong as a child. In the 1960s he came to the UK, supporting his wife and four children remotely in HK for ten years until they could be reunified as a family.

He was exuberant, full of vigour, and with energy belying his 80-odd years. He loved his garden and often showed up unannounced with bags of homegrown vegetables. He was so proud of his 9 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren, and always called me 小珠 or Little Pearl, never Cheryl.

Last week he was diagnosed with Covid-19, having already been in hospital for a few weeks with an unrelated issue. He cheerfully said that he would be home soon, but sadly passed away early on Monday 30th March. The family is shocked and sad.

公公, we miss you very much. Rest in peace.

Granddad receiving tea in the tea ceremony during my wedding in 2018

Granddad receiving tea in the tea ceremony during my wedding in 2018.

Monday 6 April:

Sadly my uncle passed away four days later. He was staying with my grandmother, and had not responded to phone calls and messages for a few days. My mother went to check on them and found him dead in his bed. The timing suggests coronavirus although we will likely never know.

My great grandmother and grandparents in the middle and my mother, aunts and uncle standing. (1960s)