Cheryl Hung

Cloud Native - what does it mean for finacial services? Interview with ThoughtMachine

I (virtually) sat down with ThoughtMachine, who just joined the CNCF End User Community, to discuss why cloud native matters for banking and financial services.

Read the full interview on the ThoughtMachine blog.

Why is Cloud Native so exciting?

I think this is the biggest movement in technology in terms of the number of companies rallying around a single paradigm since the start of the internet. When the internet arrived everyone had to accommodate it. And Cloud Native is having a similar effect on technology infrastructure.

On a personal level, Cloud Native is where I started my career with Google ten years ago. It’s how Google has been building software for years. It’s old hat! It’s the default, the way everything is done. So I’ve seen Cloud Native from the engineering point of view and why it works so well. It is exciting for me to take these ideas and bring them to other organisations.

What do we mean by Cloud Native?

It is a mindset. You change from building something to run on a single server or single piece of infrastructure, to abstracting away from hardware to applications that can run on anything. It could run on Azure, scale on AWS, or on prem. People tend to focus on Kubernetes and the tools used by Cloud Native applications, but it’s fundamentally about this mindset.

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