Cheryl Hung

Top Open Source Software influencer, OpenUK New Year's Honours List 2021

I’m thrilled to be named a top influencer for Open Source Software on the OpenUK New Year’s Honours List 2021.

Here is the announcement and full list:

The 2021 Influencers are 100 top Influencers across the UK’s Open Technology communities They hail from all walks of Open Source Software, Open Hardware and Open Data. This is the list of those to watch in UK leadership in Open Technology in 2021. All have influenced and are influencing Open Technology whether through social media, their jobs, community contributions, policy or education.

The British Honours system is something very specific to the UK and a means of rewarding an individual for their achievement or service. Medals are used within this system to recognise an activity or long or valuable service.

Congratulations to all of those listed. Enjoy the recognition of a New Year’s Honour from your peers at OpenUK and we look forward to seeing all that you will achieve in Open Technology through 2021.