Cheryl Hung

Ready, Set... Serverless vs. Containers ​ - Panel hosted by Spot by NetApp

In which I admit for the first time on camera that I kind of hate infrastructure! (25:16)

This was a super fun panel, featuring Forrest and Kevin on the merits of serverless vs containers and ably moderated by Greg. Of course I don’t actually hate infrastructure 😉 but as an application developer by background, infrastructure is unreliable and challenging, so I’m a fan of all approaches that simplify the experience of shipping code and running with infrastructure.

  • Pro-Serverless: Forrest Brazeal, AWS Serverless Hero ​
  • Pro-Containers: Kevin McGrath, CTO of Spot by NetApp ​
  • Panelists: Cheryl Hung, Josh Atwell & Kaslin Fields
  • Moderator: Greg Knieriemen ​