Cheryl Hung

Joining Arm as Sr Director, Ecosystem, in Infrastructure Line of Business

I’m excited to join Arm as the Senior Director of Ecosystem in the Infrastructure line of business. My team and I drive the adoption of Arm across cloud and infrastructure, through partnering with commercial and open space organisations. In the last few years, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba Cloud have all launched Arm-based processors, making it an exciting time to be leading these partnerships.

I’ve always admired Arm as a truly R&D-led, innovative organisation with a formidable global presence. However I have come to learn that it’s also a great place for people and team culture.

While my past experience has been in software, I’m looking forward to learning more about hardware, processing and silicon design.

Also, it’s great to be back in my alma mater again, the beautiful city of Cambridge.