Cheryl Hung

Cloud Native London June 2023: JFrog, Styra, and VirtusLab

Three fantastic speakers from JFrog, Styra, and VirtusLab joined us at the June Cloud Native London meetup, online and at the Just Eat Takeaway offices. Virtual attendees also joined via the YouTube/Twitch livestreams.

We are immensely grateful to Sysdig, Styra, and VirtusLab for their generous support and sponsorship.

We also have an offer for you: Falco on Tour: Up & Running with Runtime Security is a free, hands-on workshop for practitioners to skill up on threat protection at runtime, the last line of defense. Come and join the Falco team on June 22nd and get involved! Register here -

In addition, Open UK are looking for survey participants for the next phase of their report about the state of open source in the UK - please complete the survey and contribute your info for the analysis! The survey closes at midnight BST on 11th June.


Kicking off our evening was Kale Oum Nivrathi from JFrog, with a talk on Understanding Shift To Custom Kubernetes Resources (starting at 19:07). His takeaways discussed:

  • Application deployment using K8s operator.
  • All about Kubernetes.
  • Why and How writing operator is important and how it is helping in application deployment.

Next up we had Anders Eknert from Styra discussing Linting Rego with Rego! Introducing Regal the Rego linter (starting at 42:45). He talked about how:

  • What constitutes a good linter?
  • How to integrate learning and documentation in our toolchain?
  • First ever demonstration of Regal!

Finally we had Bartek Antoniak from VirtusLab wrapping up our evening with a discussion on Platform engineering in cloud repatriation era (starting at 1:33:32). His takeaways explored how:

  • Successful technology organisations invest in platform engineering.
  • Organisations should run their cloud platform as a product.
  • Public cloud still plays an essential role in the economic downturn.

And of course, our usual group photo!

Cloud Native London July

Our next meetup will be our 6th anniversary, please come along and celebrate with us! It’s on Wednesday 5th July, when we’ll be joined by speakers from, UPSIDER, Inc, and SurrealDB . RSVP and save the date now!.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and have a great month!

Cheryl (@oicheryl)