Cheryl Hung

The Future of the Enterprise Cloud Is Multi-Architecture Infrastructure: The New Stack

The key to accelerating and unlocking even more innovation in the world today is for workloads to run on the best hardware for the user’s price-performance needs.

After years of steady declines, the costs of running a cloud data center are now soaring, due to various factors such as aging infrastructure, rising energy costs and supply chain issues.

A survey by Uptime Institute showed that enterprise data-center owners are most concerned about rising energy costs and IT hardware costs, respectively. In a recent example, Google announced increases in some of its cloud storage and network egress prices, some of which had previously been free to users.

In short, “cloud-flation” is a new reality, and developers are paying a price by having to do more with less. Organizations need to continuously understand and measure the impact of their compute to balance performance, efficiency, and design flexibility in line with budget and business goals.

What are some steps developers can take to reduce costs?

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