Cheryl Hung

Cloud Native London August 2023: Grafana Labs, Cerbos, and Unum Cloud

Three great speakers from Grafana Labs, Cerbos, and Unum Cloud joined us at the August Cloud Native London meetup at the Just Eat Takeaway offices and via the YouTube/Twitch livestreams.

We are immensely grateful to Sysdig for their generous support and sponsorship.


Kicking off our evening was Tulayb Mahmood from Grafana Labs, talking about From Zero to Observable. His takeaways discussed:

  • Grafana can be used to correlate observability data across multiple tools.
  • The Grafana Stack is becoming more opinionated about Kubernetes Monitoring.
  • Cost-effective observability needs efficient backends.

Next up we had Alex Olivier from Cerbos telling us about Cloud-Native Chronicles: Lessons Learned from Building Cerbos in the Open. He talked about how:

  • Cloud Native is more than just a label - it implies a certain set of functionality to exist in a project to play nicely in the ecosystem.
  • Requirements go beyond shipping a container - implementing support for other projects such as Prometheus metrics, OpenTelemetry support, a robust Helm chart - the list goes on.
  • Feedback from early users is key to understand the need for integrations and ecosystem support - and be open to accepting pull requests!

Finally we had Ash Vardanian from Unum Cloud wrapping up our evening with a discussion on Future of Open-Source AI Infrastructure. His takeaways explored how:

  • Four pillars of the modern AI stack: LLMs, Embeddings Models, Vector Search, Databases.
  • Given the insane cost of developing and using such tools and models at scale, understanding their relative strengths and weaknesses can easily save millions.
  • Data-centers are evolving to include exotic AI chips and immature drivers, making cloud deployments and cross-platform builds harder than ever.

And of course, our usual group photo!

Cloud Native London September

Our next meetup will be on Wednesday 6th September, when we’ll be joined by speakers from Styra, Sysdig, and Ondat. RSVP and save the date now!.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and have a great month!

Cheryl (@oicheryl)