Cheryl Hung

Cloud Native London March 2024: VirtusLab, Convoy, and more

Three speakers from VirtusLab, Convoy, and more joined us at the January Cloud Native London meetup at the Just Eat offices, as well as via the YouTube/Twitch livestreams.

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Kicking off our evening was Mikołaj Karebski from VirtusLab with his talk on Overcoming legacy manufacturing challenges with Google Cloud(starting at 8:58). His takeaways mention that:

  • The reality of a startup is developing a rough solution first, then refining it later.
  • Rushing into solutions can lead to wasted time and money.
  • Overcommunication ensures a faster information loop.

Next up we had Subomi Oluwalana from Convoy telling us about Webhooks & Webhook Gateways(starting at 43:26). He talked about how:

  • Webhooks are great and constitute a great API Design.
  • Traditional webhook gateways are often fragile and prone to failure under heavy loads. You’d need to design for resilience and fault tolerance carefully.
  • Traditional webhook gateways often fall short in terms of security measures. You’d need to safeguard against vulnerabilities such as Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF), Replay Attacks, and DNS Rebinding attacks.

And wrapping up our evening was Richard Tweed discussing Using, and mis-using Kubernetes Dynamic Admission Control(starting at 1:29:54). His takeaways are about:

  • How Kubernetes Dynamic Admission Control can secure clusters.
  • How Kubernetes Dynamic Admission Control can take down a cluster.
  • How the new Validating Admission Policies will work.

Check out his slides - due to a technical issue, they were not available during the event.

And of course, our usual group photo!

Cloud Native London April

Our next meetup will be on Wednesday 3rd April, when we’ll be joined by speakers from EDB, Lightstep, and more! RSVP and save the date now!.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and see you next month!

Cheryl (@oicheryl)