Cheryl Hung

Innovation in infrastructure - Podcast with DevOps Sauna

I joined Marc and Darren on DevOps Sauna to discuss moving to data centers, software support, GitOps, WebAssembly, and open-source licensing in tech.

Marc (0:00:21): Welcome to DevOps Sauna Season 4, the podcast where technology meets culture and security is the bridge that connects them. Welcome back to the sauna. I’m thrilled today to be doing another post game from the DevOps Conference Global that we had in London in March. And we have one of our lightning talk speakers today, Cheryl Hung, the Senior Director of Infrastructure and Ecosystem at Arm and founder of Cloud Native London. Hello, Cheryl. Welcome back to the sauna.

Cheryl (0:01:05): Hello, Marc. Thank you so much for having me. And I’m so happy to be here.

Marc (0:01:09): It’s always a delight to speak with you. And once again, I’ve got my usual cohort. Are you a usual or unusual cohort actually, Darren?

Darren (0:01:18): I like to think of a little bit of both, but definitely leaning towards unusual.

Marc (0:01:22): The right amount of unusual, I think. So Cheryl, we had you on a lightning talk talking about key trends shaping the future of infrastructure. And one of the things that was brought up was, I believe is a Cloud Native AI white paper. I think it was in pre-release during the DevOps Conference. Is there anything you can tell us about that?

We had such a fun and enjoyable discussion, check out the full podcast and transcript at DevOps Sauna.