Cheryl Hung

Cloud Native London May 2024: Grafana, MetalBear, and QAware GmbH

Three speakers from Grafana, MetalBear, and QAware GmbH joined us at the May Cloud Native London meetup at the Just Eat offices, as well as via the YouTube/Twitch livestreams.

We are immensely grateful to Grafana for their generous support and sponsorship.


Kicking off our evening was Josh Abreu from Grafana with his talk on the Evolution of Grafana Alerting(starting at 11:43). His takeaways mentioned that:

  • Grafana Alerting History starting with Grafana 4,0 and ending with Grafana 11.0.
  • Why Grafana is the most powerful and simple detection system out there.
  • What are the new features for alerting in Grafana 11.

Next up we had Alexander Eimer from QAware GmbH discussing Make developers fly: Principles for platform engineering(starting at 45:32). He talked about:

  • Traditional DevOps can overwhelm developers, therefore a special Platform Engineering team can accelerate devs with building their application.
  • Platform Engineering needs to be user-centric as we want to improve the DevExperience.
  • Platform Engineering should also be taken into consideration when building multipel AI applications in a company.

And wrapping up our evening was Tal Zwick from MetalBear telling us about When They Go High, We Go Low – Hooking Libc Calls to Debug Kubernetes Apps(starting at 1:34:33). Check out his takeaways:

  • Low level code has an important role to play in the cloud native space.
  • The cloud native development loop does not have to be slow and cumbersome.
  • With mirrord developers run their code locally, but with access to resources from the cluster, such as connectivity to other services, DNS resolution, network traffic, files, and environment variables.

And of course, our usual group photo!

Cloud Native London June

Our next meetup will be on Wednesday 5th June, when we’ll be joined by speakers from Meta, JustEat, and Cloudified! RSVP and save the date now!.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and see you in a month!

Cheryl (@oicheryl)