Cheryl Hung

My personal highlights and favourite moments of 2019

As I wrap up my first year at CNCF along with the decade, here’s a look back at my year in numbers, my favourite moments and most viewed talks.

In 2019 I

My personal favourite talk of the year was 2.66 Million, my keynote at KubeCon CloudNativeCon to 7000 people:

My most viewed talk was Want to donate a project to the CNCF? Here’s how, viewed 8000 times in one month:

This year I’ve been learning Mandarin Chinese. I presented the CNCF End User Awards in Shanghai to Didi using Mandarin (click here for the English transcript):

The Cloud Native London meetup is still incredibly popular. Over 500 registered for July, making it the largest meetup of the year:

Cloud Native London, July 2019

I’ve particularly enjoyed encouraging women to speak and be publicly visible:

I truly believe that everyone can be part of this smart, enthusiastic and welcoming community, and I can’t wait to see what we do in the next decade. See you in 2020!

Cheryl Hung on a beach in Mexico